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The grandparents note 

I am pleased I found a company at this point in my life  to illustrate how much a 

grandparent loves a grandchild. I will continue to give you the presents at birthdays

and Christmas. I will come to every play you're in at school. I will make every 

graduation through every school and college. I will be there for your wedding and 

the births of all your children. I will never lose the 100% love in my heart for you.

This company will provide you with the skills and business plan to help you have a 

wonderful life building companies and helping thousands of people become skilled 

in selling and building, just like I am asking you to do.

Do you want to start building your career now? This next move is on you.

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If you are a 4 x 400 meter relay runner

you have reached the right place to 

begin a career with us that will be com-

patible with your goal of breaking the

World record one day for the 400 meter

relay for professional Women's track. 

You will need our professional advice.

If you wish to do it right for you, your

expenses can't be greater than your in-


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