Here's One More Online Sales Training 

​Who Are We? We Are The First Stop.

We recruit our team members based on information in the public domain. We want the athletic with good team skills. The content  is valuable and it should be used by the best and the brightest. Sales skills are for the very competitive.

Get your home state P&C license after self study and continue to study with us on how to use it effectively. This way you bring value to the Agent. You can get a Non-resident License and qualify to write insurance in neighboring states.

Things that bring you joy.  There may have been many already for you. One of your greatest joys will be starting soon. The start of your journey as a qualified CEO, with the credentials necessary to have a wonderful life.

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Work to see that the youth in your town have services and recreational fields where they can play in safety. Places and streets where they can experience the joy of childhood. Make sure the adults embrace this attitude as steadfastly as you.

This is quality executive preparation and training. We want only the most dedicated to become a part of our pathway to the Upper Income Levels. We expect you to have a high community profile in the town or village of your choice.

Use an online training environment that promotes teamwork for accomplishing the individual goal of getting the             Property and Casualty Insurance License. Get the P&C License and become a Licensed Sales Producer.

We are the first stop    

​ A safety net for entry into the Property & Casualty Insurance world for the Last Rounders. This is a good career path.

If you were chosen in the last round of the NFL  Draft, then you are a Last Rounders.  You are expected to have a short career in football. This is if you make the team.