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​Ashley Graham

If you use our training and content for the next 600 months you will have a lot of success and a wonderful life.
  • We put you in action with proven techniques and content for success. 
  • Build your team with three other like-minded people.
  • You will develop business habits to use each week. These habits work.
  • If you want a productive business life with healthy habits, we will help you reach this goal.

Will you be the next star in the marketplace? There is a lot of talent already there. You have to be bright.  If you are going to jump in give it your best shot. I'll be watching as you go.

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If you are a young adult you have spirit, energy and enthusiasm. We want you to have a chance to live in the Upper Middle Class Income Levels. Write an email asking for a chance and send to us.              


We will do the rest.


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Gain an advantage in your career path to the Upper Class Income Levels through your participation in our program.  This  program is for the young professional who can accept a dream designed to get him or her to those income levels. 

We like to train professionals from three groups. We are building our reputation based on the belief that these three main groups often times miss their chance to be a successful entrepreneur. 

  • Young Education Professional-DC
  • NFL Professionals drafted in the late rounds.
  • Track&Field athletes with no contract and no agent. Because our program doesn't deal with them anyway. We deal with you based on our belief, you should behave as a CEO over your own life.

The credentials you gain learning the system of business book building, places you on a pathway to financial sturdiness.

Did you know, if your monthly gross revenue were to be $17,500 for 600 months you would have had $10,500,000 come through your bank account? 

Don't waste time sign up.​ 

Here's One More Online Sales Training

 and Foundation Building

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Every young adult has an obligation to their mind and spirit to start a business now. Why should you sit by and not increase the amount of production that you contribute?

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New Millennial Entrepreneur in Pittsburgh Pa.

Great job Hahna for SolePower. You are an inspiration to your peer group.